Automate your RFX templates

Orbidder powers instant governance, workflow management, and streamlined drafting.

Why Orbidder

Orbidder automates and centralizes the design, drafting, and assembly of RFX documents.

Smart RFX Design

 Leading clients through a streamlined series of carefully designed questions, Orbidder creates a customized design blueprint for each project and performs a real-time analysis to select the project-appropriate RFX format.

Co-Ordinated Drafting

From the virtual command room, the procurement team can assess projects, assign drafting roles and deadlines, and monitor progress of all team members, while ensuring version control over customized Procurement Law Office tendering templates. 

Instant Assembly

With the push of a button, Orbidder instantly assembles the final tendering document based on the original project design, integrating the project-specific components into the appropriate RFX template in record time. 

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